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Monday, January 14th, 2019
Orlando Preowned

Orlando, Fla. — You don’t need to search much to discover that Orlando Preowned has the most amazing, reliable inventory of used cars in Orlando. Just a few months after our official dealership opening to the public, we have a wealth of customers reviews that speak by themselves, giving you the reassurance you need that you’re going to find an amazing deal for a certified pre-owned vehicle, be it a muscle car, a sedan, SUV or minivan, or pickup trucks. Also, always backed by Carfax for maximum transparency in your deal!

We take pride on the high quality units that we bring together to our dealership to offer only the best ONE-STOP-CAR-SHOPPING experience in Orlando, to all of our customers, where you have the ability to test drive, ask questions, get professional advice and recommendations. Also, gain confidence in your purchase as you can see the business, staff and its operations, quick turnaround, and it all happens in a secure environment where your satisfaction is what matters most.

We are aware you have many options out there when it’s time to buy a used car, but we operate in an outstanding and solid position as we know we have your back, contrary to the other market offerings  you’ll find.


Used Cars in Orlando, Orlando Preowned

Used Cars in Orlando, Orlando Preowned

Used Cars in Orlando, Orlando Preowned


Friday, January 4th, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. — With 2019 already started we are so happy to have helped so many individuals and families find a more reliable, quality used car to drive.  It has been life changing for some who though they didn’t have any options to either upgrade their current vehicle, or for some others to provide essential means of transportation.

We are proud of our recent media production which depicts our main messages in a true expression of the business environment we have been working very hard to create.

Our robust inventory includes all makes and models, from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, MiniCooper and we continue to constantly bring more.

Our customers recognize our efforts in providing them the best possible used car buying experience in Orlando, although many of them come from all parts of Central Florida and beyond, and we are very happy to have the ability to assist them in their language of preference between English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here some recent reviews that have filled our hearts with joy. No modification has been done to their kind words and can all be verified directly from Google.

Norma Penton

“Buying a used car can be a daunting task, especially for a single woman. From the receptionist to the sales associate to the owners of Orlando Preowned, you’ll be treated honestly, fairly, and with respect. I’m so happy with my purchase of a 2011 Mercedes, E350! What a beautiful car and it only has 56K miles. I checked online throughout Florida to find this great buy.”

Jessica Sykes

“Cliff was amazing! Customer service is great here, awesome experience. Will definitely be recommending to family and friends!”

Harley Williams

“Best experience, cliff was the best! Just all around good guy made me feel like fam. Bought me lunch then worked the numbers to Get me the best deal on the truck of my dreams!! If you want The best deal on certified preowned with a great experience come to Orlando preowned.”

Joshua Perez-Rijos

“Cliff was great with everything. Went in traded my old 2006 ford focus. I left with a 2015 Hyundai Elantra. They were super patient and willing to work with my credit union out of state. Definitely would come back.”

John Gereg

“Such a great experience at Orlando Preowned! I’m not an “easy customer” but Cliff really went out of his way to get me in a car. Whole process was very easy and smooth and the showroom was SO clean! Very professional place, I’ll definitely be going back for my next car. Thanks Cliff!”

Angela Westmoreland

“I cannot say enough great things about this dealership. Honestly, it was not a typical dealership experience. Leo and Frank went above and beyond in customer service. They take a lot of pride in making customers feel honored and it shows. I purchased a great car that I’m very confident in and will recommend all of my friends and family to them when they are in need of a car purchase. Thanks again for an awesome experience!”

These customers experiences are the reason why we exist, despite the reputation used car dealers, we aimed to be different, to change that perception and to demonstrate that with hard work we could be different. For that reason we proudly say: “Buy with Confidence!”