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Keeping Your Used Car in Peak Condition During Cooler Months

Friday, November 8th, 2019




Orlando, FL — Weather you drive up north for the holidays or not, it is important to keep your used car in its best condition during the upcoming cooler weather in Florida. Especially when we know for us it is one day hot, another day cool — and so on.

The following are car care tips to prevent long-term damage to vehicles that may spend a longer time in cold conditions:

  • Swap out regular tires for winter tires if you are thinking of traveling up north to states where you may need to deal with snow and other winter factors.
  • Checking the tire pressure weekly not only helps you protect it, but you actually save money on fuel, and that is always music to our ears.
  • Keep your fuel tank half full during low temperature days.
  • Check and change your oil before the cold weather hits, ensure your oil is in good shape. Oil can thicken when the cold temperatures hit. This can make it harder for your car to start. Use an oil that is intended for winter use.
  • Add a protective layer, especially if your car sleeps outside.
  • Protect your windshield wipers whenever frost is expected.
  • Your vehicle’s battery is especially hard hit when the mercury plummets. Check battery, by removing the plastic caps on the top and check the fluid level. (See your owner’s manual.) If the fluid is low, add distilled water. On maintenance-free batteries, check that the window at the top of the battery indicates a fully charged state.
  • Warming up your car isn’t good for the vehicle
    The more effective way to warm your engine is to drive your car gently at the beginning of every trip.
  • Make sure that all of your exterior lights are in the best shape possible. If they are out, replace the bulb. Same goes if they are foggy or are yellow-looking.
  • Antifreeze, also known as coolant, could also be essential for your engine in the winter. It works to keep it from freezing. Always make sure that your coolant levels are high and that there aren’t any leaks where your coolant might be draining from.

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