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Used Volkswagen Sedans, Hatchbacks and SUVs in Orlando, FL

Among the many reasons to find your next vehicle at Orlando Preowned, our expansive and constantly updated inventory would have to near the top of most people’s list. As a pre-owned vehicle dealership, we can offer our customer several options from almost every automaker operating in the United States. One original equipment manufacturer that tends to draw a lot of customer attention is Volkswagen. If you’re curious about our lineup of used Volkswagen sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs in Orlando, FL, our dealership should be your first and only stop. We currently have several VW models available for sale on our lot, including various iterations of the Golf hatchback, Jetta sedan and Tiguan crossover SUV. Learn more about our available Volkswagen inventory today by calling, 407-295-5565.

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Obviously, there are some very clear physical differences among the available lineup of VW sedans, hatchbacks and SUVs. There are a few common features that tie all VW vehicle classes together. Broadly speaking, all Volkswagen vehicles available at Orlando Preowned have highly adaptable interiors with cargo volume dimensions that are very competitive in each individual class of the automotive industry, if not outright class leaders. Additionally, customers choosing vehicles that were produced closer to the current model year will see a marked increase available connectivity features. Passenger safety is a top priority for all automakers. VW has developed one of the most advanced suites of active safety systems that can be available on several models. Shoppers should be sure to ask about these systems.

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A photo of the VW Jetta in front of a building.

VW Sedans

Volkswagen sedans are among the most desirable models in this broad class of the automotive industry. The exact roster of available VW sedans for sale at Orlando Preowned is constantly changing. However, you can trust all of them will be reliable, safe and well-equipped.


A photo of a VW hatchback in motion on the street.

VW Hatchbacks

Hatchbacks have come a long way since the early days of the class. Modern VW hatchbacks, like the Golf family, represent a huge swath of the automaker’s available options. VW has all but perfected the “hot hatch” sub-segment of the class. The Golf GTI is always a popular vehicle choice.


A photo of a VW crossover SUV in the rain on the road.

VW Crossover SUVs

There is no more popular vehicle platform in the United States than the crossover SUV. Few automakers have as many strong crossover SUVs as Volkswagen. Model names like Tiguan and Atlas should get potential buyers excited because of the vehicles’ performance specs and cargo volume.